Gresham College – Free online public history lectures – Starting September 2021

Gresham College – Free online public history lectures – Starting September 2021

30 Aug 2021 | 4:00 pm 24 Dec 2021 | 11:00 pm

The Gresham College are offering free online lectures that you can sign up to and watch between now and Christmas.


Lecture Series include subject such as Books, Libraries and Civilisation, The Hidden History of How Protestantism Went Global, Stuart Britain, Race Colonialism and Power in the Legal System, and Music under Stalin. Go to to see the full list of the lecture programme.


There are also some individual lectures outlined below:

The Death of Richard II: CSI Meets History by Professor Sarah Hainsworth, 1pm, Thurs 21 Oct 2021 (or watch later)
Europe’s Search for Sustainable Security by Professor Patricia Clavin, 6pm, Mon 1 Nov 2021 (or watch later)
Portraits, Biographies and Public History by Professor Ludmilla Jordanova, 6pm, Tues 2 Nov 2021 (or watch later)
Brexit: What Have We Learned So Far? Professor Anand Menon, 6pm, Weds 26 Jan 2022 (or watch later)
Oxford’s Savilian Professors of Geometry: 400 Years On (History of Maths) Professor Robin Wilson, 6pm, Tues 3 May 2022 (or watch later)
Bernini and the Remaking of Rome by Dr Loyd Grossman, 6pm, Tues 10 May 2022 (or watch later)
Inigo Jones and the Architecture of Necessity by Dr Simon Thurley our Provost 6pm, Tues 14 June 2022 (or watch later)


For future reference if you would like to watch the lectures live Gresham ask for people to sign up two months in advance at

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