The Cartulary and Charters of the Priory of Saints Peter and Paul, Ipswich. Part 2: The Charters

Volume Number: 21C

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Part II – The Charters and Index

The charters and other documents recorded in the thirteenth-century Cartulary of the Augustinian Priory of Saints Peter and Paul, Ipswich throws light on an institution whose early history was mostly shrouded in obscurity.  Light is thrown on various aspects of the life of the house, extensions to its buildings, and the steps taken to safeguard its assets from predation.  Included are various manorial documents and estate surveys from the late thirteenth century as well as being an important source for the study of both the expansion of the estate and the consolidation of its holdings.  There is evidence concerning the de Badeles family, the founding patrons of the priory as well as a mine of place-name data.

Edited by David Allen

Published: 2020

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