Digital Book Indexes

With the launch of our new digital series of publications, we would also like to introduce the first of our Digital Book Indexes.  The aim is to build a database of indexes for relevant Suffolk books that did not contain them when they were originally published.

An Index to Blythburgh, An Essay on the Village and the Church, Becker, M. Janet, (Halesworth, 1935)

Index to Blythburgh, An essay on the Village and Church, M Janet Becker

An Index to Joseph James Muskett’s incomplete Volume III of Suffolk Manorial Families

Muskett Volume III Index

An Index to The Ipswich Probate Inventories, 1583-1631 (SRS Volume 22)

Ipswich Probate Inventories 1583

Click here for Volume 22

An Index to the Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Suffolk published by Art UK (previously The Public Catalogue Foundation), London 2005.

Oil Paintings in Suffolk Index

Link to Art UK

An Index for the Walberswick Churchwardens’ Accounts 1450-1499

Index for the Walberswick Churchwardens’ Accounts 1450-1499 (2022)