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It has long been a concern to us that some of the Society’s volumes have fallen out of print but now, thanks to the possibilities opened up by digitisation, it is possible to go to the website and view or download digital copies of these books to browse and search.  This is a service which we felt, in pursuit of our charitable purpose, we owed to the research community.  At the same time, we are actively extending the range of historical materials which, though they do not fit into the format of a Society volume, are nevertheless of value to students of Suffolk history.  Simply go to Publications, then Digital Series, and you will be able to see a range of texts that are available as digital copies.  You can also click on the links provided to view the out of print volumes that are now available as e-books, either as a flipbook or a downloadable PDF.  You can also browse the General Series publications and any book available digitally is marked with a green dot.  We do hope you will enjoy these volumes in their new format.

Volume 64 - Coming Soon

Welcome to the Suffolk Records Society

For over sixty years, the Society has been committed to producing books that bring Suffolk’s rich historical literature to a wider audience. Covering a period of 700 years these volumes of letters, diaries, maps, accounts and other archives have made a major contribution to historical studies of the county and are a useful tool for both professional and amateur historians, as well as being a source of information for anyone interested in Suffolk’s history.

Every year, the Suffolk Records Society produces at least one new book throwing light on some fresh aspect of the county’s history. There are two series of volumes, the General Series, for which we publish a regular annual volume, and the Charters Series, for which we publish occasional volumes of Suffolk charters and cartularies.

The Society’s members share a passion for Suffolk and its history and it is their support and subscriptions that have made possible this remarkable opening up of the historical landscape.

Come and join us!

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