The Southwold Diary of James Maggs II: 1848-1876

Volume Number: 26

Published: 1983

Limping Jem, as James Maggs was called in a broadsheet announcing the 'funeral' of the Southwold Corporation in 1835, continued his diary until 1876, fourteen years before his death at the age of 93. In a second volume, edited like the first by Alan Bottomley, he records the erosion of the cliff, 'scarcely leaving sufficient width for the standing of the Bath Machines', the sales of houses in the town and shipwrecks, the remains of which were often auctioned by him.  Maggs's own entries are often complimented by newspaper cuttings, public notices and other ephemera, many of which are reproduced in this volume.

Companion Volumes: 25, 25/26PB

This book is currently out of print and unavailable.

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